Independent Power Plants (IPPs) and PPAs

Additional power will be a key driver for success but for a power plant to operate it needs a long term contract for the sale of power – a Power Purchase Agreement – plus a long term fuel supply agreement and an agreement for the transportation of power over the transmission network. In addition there needs to be various licenses and permits in place.

It is these agreements that give a power project value, without them the plant is worthless. Developing a power project to the point where construction can start is complex and can be time consuming, but executed to a high standard it creates high value in itself.

Key services in this area:

  • - Strategy for procuring additional power from embedded generation, renewable generation and IPP’s
  • - Power project procurement
  • - Power project development for renewable or conventional fuels
  • - PPA formulation and negotiation

PPAs and FSAs are complex documents that require great care and diligence in administration if revenue streams are to be maximised and billing errors eliminated. We can advise on:

  • - Administration and invoicing for PPAs and GSA’s
  • - Provide automated billing solutions with meter telemetry
  • - Periodic audit and review of invoicing, billing and contract compliance