About MRC - Worldwide Consultants to the Energy Industry

The MRC Group of Companies (MRC) is a family of 10 sister companies, sharing a long and common history of working together. We operate internationally as one single organisation with the aim of sharing resources, technical skills and geographical presence to serve international clients worldwide. MRC Group member companies are:

  • - MRC Spain (Madrid)
  • - EMRC UK (Edinburgh)
  • - EMRC Nigeria (Abuja)
  • - SIGLASUL (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo)
  • - MRC Italy (Milan)
  • - Acta Consult (Moscow)
  • - MRC Sweden (Helsingborg)
  • - MRC Turkey (Ankara)
  • - SIGLA (Buenos Aires)
  • - Nel Consulting Limited (Auckland and Manila)

The MRC Group of Companies has a professional team of over 120 trained consultants, with presence in eleven different cities. Our key objective is to offer our clients in the public and the private sector the services of a group of outstanding independent consultants with a unique background in international consulting and transaction advisory.

MRC Group’s consultants helps its clients to:

  • - Promote economically efficient and sustainable markets
  • - Help energy sector companies and regulatory agencies to improve operational and financial efficiency
  • - Design effective regulation conducive to sustained, affordable energy services
  • - Evaluate investment opportunities and reach successful closure of commercial energy transactions