Botswana: Development of a PSP Strategy for Botswana Power Corporation and the Electricity Supply Industry

The objectives of this assignment were to produce a private sector participation strategy in BPC and Botswana’s Electricity Supply Industry. PEEPA will use this as support for providing on-the-job training to PEEPA staff on core privatization skills illustrated by the BPC case. We were appointed to:

  • - Carry out a study to assess possible opportunities and options and develop an optimal private sector participation strategy through which the private sector can be involved in the operations of and services provided by BPC to deliver on the Government’s strategic objectives in line with the Privatization Policy of Botswana.
  • - Develop a detailed financial model. This model separated generation, transmission and distribution and also allowed for subsidy from Government for the Botswana Power Corporation.
  • - Provide training to PEEPA on core privatization skills, using BPC’s case as a support for both in-class and on-the-job training.