District Energy

MRC Group's district heating and district cooling expertise is primarily based in the Nordic market's district heating development reinforced by extensive work on Eastern European and Central Asian projects.

District energy is primarily used in Scandinavian countries, and in some major cities in Europe, North America and Asia. However, it is considered very interesting in meeting the world environmental challenges. Enormous amounts of energy are wasted in condensing plants for electricity production as well as in industrial processes, energy that could be useful provided there is infrastructure. A stronger connection between electric and thermal energy means increasing possibilities for load sharing and peak handling, in particular production.

MRC Group undertakes assignments in Combined Heat Production/Heat Production, Cooling Production and Infrastructure:

  • - Market Regulation
  • - Transaction Support
  • - Feasibility Studies
  • - Economic and Financial Analysis
  • - CAPEX Calculation System
  • - Conceptual Design
  • - Project Management
  • - Procurement Support
  • - Efficient Operation
  • - Grid Calculations and Analysis
  • - Production Optimization
  • - Maintenance Strategies and System
  • - Energy Efficiency