Energy Market Development Project in Turkey

The Project is part of the second MIPD (IPA Multi-annual Indicative Planning Document 2011-2013) with the objective of “further alignment with and implementation of acquis on the internal gas and electricity market”. Within this framework, MRC assisted MENR in a series of studies on the harmonisation of electricity and natural gas laws following the adoption of the EU Third Energy Package.

This included activities to support the legal, structural and administrative framework for properly functioning energy exchange operations; including alignment with Acquis by providing technical assistance on energy market development, improvement of spot and balancing power market activities, transparency, market surveillance and eligible customer operations; in terms of both structural and operative requirements on the internal electricity and gas markets. Consulting services also covered demand side participation and management and market coupling with the EU markets.

The project involved a wide range of stakeholders in the market, including EPIAS (energy market operator), EMRA (regulator), BOTAS (gas company), TEIAS (power transmission operator) as well as other market agents.