Training & Capacity Building

Organisations must have the skills and understanding to operate in the complex regulatory and contractual regimes of the power sector, which is constantly changing and evolving. MRC Group companies have an unrivalled knowledge of the detailed operation of the power and gas market and contracts and are skilled in offering training and capacity building services to our clients.

Companies need to operate in a complex legal, regulatory and market environment where the key to future profits will be a deep understanding of how the power market will operate and how power tariffs are negotiated and agreed, how power is bought and sold and how different technologies and fuel options will be competitive over time.

Key services in this area:

  • - Bespoke training solution to meet individual client needs on a range of topics such as:
  • - Regulation and Regulatory Affairs
  • - Tariff formulation and calculation
  • - Power Project Development
  • - Power Procurement and Power Trading
  • - PPA and Vesting Contract Administration and Operation
  • - Board training to develop understanding of the power sector and the commercial opportunities that exist
  • - Board counselling and support to Board meetings on strategy, financial, commercial and regulatory aspects of the power sector