Renewables are the major element of the global response to energy driven climate change. They are acquiring a growing role in every country’s energy policy as public awareness and pressure grows to accelerate the move towards Net Zero.

Key services in this area:

For Regulators, Ministries and Governments

  • - Renewables penetration policies: quotas, feed-in tariffs, priority despatch
  • - Feed-in tariff setting and methodologies
  • - Renewable Subsidy mechanisms and auction rounds, Green Fund Design
  • - Carbon tax formulation and emissions trading
  • - Green and white certificate markets

For Renewable power developers, Investors and Financiers

  • - Market Studies, Price Forecasts
  • - Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence
  • - Regulatory Compliance, Licensing and Permitting
  • - Technical Studies on connection, interconnection and network reinforcement

For Network Operators

  • - Support with intermittency, improved control and network stability
  • - Connection studies

We have worked extensively with:

  • - onshore and offshore wind
  • - solar and solar with batteries
  • - stored, pumped and run-of-river hydro
  • - geothermal

We have niche experience with:

  • - biomass
  • - tidal power
  • - nuclear