Renewable & Clean Energy Projects

Sustainable development has acquired a central role in designing energy policies worldwide. Moreover, scarcity of fossil fuel sources and environmental concerns have triggered an increase in the public awareness related with the exploitation and management of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency initiatives.

MRC provides strategic advice to private sector clients, banks and utilities on how best to adapt to state of the art sustainable policies and take full advantage of opportunities in the new energy markets. MRC has an extensive background in measures which are needed to accommodate the specific features of these energy sources such as intermittency, unpredictability and changes in the way the system needs to be operated and designed.

Key services in this area:

  • - Renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change policies and regulation
  • - National policies and action plans to foster sustainable energy
  • - Promotion of sustainable decentralized generation
  • - Renewables cost and pricing
  • - Relevant secondary legislation including PPAs, technical regulation, connection agreements and licensing agreements
  • - Design and implementation of lending programs supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • - Green and white certificate markets