Pieter Nel   

Pieter has over 20 years of experience in the power industry. He mainly specialises in providing innovative professional advice and solutions to improve performance, enhance return on investment and enable more informed decision making with particular focus in the energy sector and with regulatory regimes.

He has extensive experience in utility management and in advising utilities in the power sector in developing countries. In Nigeria, he has fulfilled the roles of Deputy CEO and Strategic and Regulatory Consultant within different distribution utilities. For these roles, Pieter was actively involved with developing corporate financial strategies to achieve numerous stakeholder requirements. Pieter was also responsible for the development of financial models and maintaining these models incorporating changes in in the utility’s corporate strategies and regulatory drivers.

Apart from providing utility management services, Pieter has been actively involved in providing regulatory advisory services to energy regulators in different jurisdictions most specifically in the Asia-Pacific. Pieter has assisted the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Philippines with the implementation of Performance Based Regulation since 2008 and has also undertaken numerous projects for the New Zealand Commerce Commission and the Economic Regulation Authority in Australia in relation to applying price regulation to the regulated transmission and distribution entities.

Pieter has successfully project managed several major transmission, distribution and generation projects in different jurisdictions utilising experts from all over the world and uniting them to achieve the goals of every project.

From Pieter’s extensive experience in providing advisory services to regulators and utilities in power industries across the globe, he has identified the need for constant improvements in the management of assets, processes and information. He has led the development of several innovative solutions targeting the three main pillars in a utility’s business which are assets, staff and customers.

Pieter holds a Bachelor of Engineering – Electrical degree from the University of Stellenbosch.

Pieter is based in Auckland, New Zealand