Kris Tampinco   

Kris has over 15 years of experience in the power industry and specialises in the assessment of systems, processes, assets and work programs for regulators, transmission and distribution utilities. Apart from this, she also specialises in providing advice to investors through the financial, regulatory and market assessment of projects particularly in their acquisition of either Greenfield or Brownfield generation, transmission or distribution assets.

For several years she has been extensively undertaking projects for regulators in the Asia-Pacific which includes policy development, tariff setting, engineering reviews, asset valuation, capital and operational expenditure programs, financial modeling and conducting training sessions. Kris has worked closely with the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Philippines in the implementation of performance based regulation as well as with the New Zealand Commerce Commission in relation to default price quality regulation of the electricity and gas industries.

Given her extensive experience working with electricity regulators, Kris can also provide expert assistance to utilities and investors in the management or acquisition of generation, transmission or distribution assets through the provision of strategic and financial advice with particular focus on operating in a regulated environment. At the onset of the opening of Myanmar’s economy, Kris has provided strategic and financial advice to investors in their participation in the privatisation of power generation and distribution utilities. Similarly, she has undertaken various financial and technical assessments for investors in Nigeria at the height of Nigeria’s reform process. She has also provided consultancy service in the areas of tariff modeling, asset management, financial assessment, and regulatory strategy to several utilities in the Philippines.

Kris is an Industrial Engineer and also holds a Master of Science degree in Management Engineering, graduating cum laude.

Kris is based in Manila, Philippines.