Energy Driven Climate Change

MRC provides strategic advice on meeting the challenges presented by Climate Change in energy consumption and production.

For public sector clients we advise on:

  • - Policy formulation for:
  • - Emissions Reduction
  • - Transition to Net Zero
  • - Energy Efficiency
  • - Renewable Penetration
  • - Least cost Transition Strategies toward Net Zero
  • - Carbon pricing and emissions trading arrangements
  • - Quotas, 'must-run', FIT and subsidy mechanisms to drive renewables penetration
  • - Green Fund design

For private sector clients we advise on:

  • - Strategies for emissions trading, carbon pricing and increased renewables penetration
  • - Responses to Government and Regulatory proposals for change
  • - Feed-in tariff formulation and methodologies
  • - Price projections and market forecasts including carbon and emissions pricing and costs