The use of the combination of market based competition and well-structured regulation to improve efficiency and attract private sector capital has been adopted and re-interpreted very widely around the globe. Market developments and regulatory frameworks have continued to evolve to help Governments and policy makers to steer consumers and producers to adapt to climate change and address the continuing challenges of efficiency, access, affordability and security.

MRC Group works at the forefront of helping Regulators, Ministries and Governments meet these challenges, and helping Utilities, Power and Gas Developers and Investors to plan, design, structure, finance and efficiently operate their infrastructure.

We support and advise on:

  • - Regulation & Policy
  • - Markets, Competition & Prices
  • - Tariffs, Tariff Methodologies, Levies and Subsidies
  • - Transaction Support
  • - Technical Studies

Backed by a range of Solutions:

  • - Business Solutions
  • - Training & Capacity Building