AYEDAS EDCo Network Master Plan Project

AYEDAS is one of the electricity distribution companies in Turkey, covering 4 regions. AYEDAS covers 17 (154kV/MV) power substations with 5.200MVA total capacity, 2.975 distribution transformers (MV/LV) with total capacity of 5.396MVA, and 2.326.437 subscribers with 10.266.851 MWh energy consumption of the Turkish electricity distribution market. MRC Turkey was selected by AYEDAS to carry out the Master Plan for the development of the Electricity Distribution System that will be the road map for AYEDAS in the short, medium- and long-term. It will include the analysis of the existing power distribution system, planning of new investment needs and replacement and upgrade of infrastructure needs. The master plan will be prepared in a way that considers the economic and technical aspects as well as the regulatory requirements, taking into consideration the quality of supply, continuity of power supply, reliability and efficiency as the main parameters.