Consultants and Advisers to the Energy and Network Industries

MRC Group's core strength is a deep seated understanding of well-structured regulation and market based competition across 6 sectors - Electricity, Gas & LNG, Renewables, District Energy, Water & Sanitation and Climate Change - to deliver efficient operation and access to private sector capital.

We provide advice and leading edge expertise to:

  • Public sector bodies - Regulators, Ministries, Governments and IFIs - to adapt markets, regulatory frameworks and funding mechanisms to deliver policies on sector efficiency, climate change, renewable penetration, affordability, access and security.
  • The private sector - utilities, power and gas developers, investors and banks - to plan, design, structure, finance and efficiently operate networks, pipelines and power plants making full use of market access and with regulatory compliance.

MRC Group's expertise and practical experience is delivered locally, worldwide, by a 200+ multi-disciplinary team with backgrounds in economics, regulation, law, electrical and gas engineering, energy systems, power and gas projects, mathematical modelling, finance and banking. We have a network of offices in 5 countries around the world. MRC Group is independent; MRC Group companies are owned by their Partners and staff.