Business Strategy & Financial Analysis

MRC carry multidisciplinary skills to enable us to provide our clients with optimal solutions for their business strategy and financial analysis.

Our services in this area include advice on techno-economic planning and operation of electricity and gas assets and markets. We have not only collaborated with public and private companies, but also governments, regulators and other agents in the definition of their strategies.

We have broad experience in assessing financial and technical performance of companies within the power sector (generation, transmission and distribution) and propose measures to enhance the profitability of their activities. In the case of developing countries most often this process leads to Private Sector Participation (PSP) solutions.

Key services in this area:

  • - Business strategy
  • - Generation and transmission systems expansion and long term planning
  • - Optimization of capital expenditures, operational processes and business restructuring
  • - Strategic advice to agents in the generation or sourcing, transmission, distribution and retail activities
  • - Private sector participation processes
  • - Disputes and litigation services
  • - Demand forecasting, business projections and financial analysis
  • - Economic and financial evaluation of energy projects
  • - Vesting contract and balancing compensation administration
  • - Billing systems and settlement