NCL – Energy Industry Consultants Australasia & SE Asia

Nel Consulting Limited (NCL) was established in Auckland in 2009 and provides advisory services to executive & enforcement/regulatory agencies and utilities under different forms of regulation.

NCL unites the skills and experience of leading experts in the electric power industry across the globe and specialises in providing policy, regulatory, engineering, strategic management, commercial and economic advice to the energy industry.

NCL has been involved in the reform and privatization of different power industries Asia-Pacific and African regions. Drawing on international experience and decades of capability, NCL understands the unique balance between encouraging the inflow of private capital and protecting public interest throughout the process of industry reform and policy making. Furthermore, NCL understands the balance between price and quality throughout the process of setting rates and in regulation enforcement.

In supporting public and private transmission, distribution and generation utilities, NCL provides customized services with the objective of improving the utility’s performance and financial standing which will in turn benefit customers and stakeholders alike. This also includes services related to all disciplines of electrical engineering.

NCL can further assist in evaluating opportunities for lenders, developers and government organisations in order to meet the objective of identifying whether a project is commercially feasible. Beyond the project completion stage, NCL offers different services in order to meet the requirements to save costs and increase efficiency.

Outside of the energy industry and through our strategic partnerships, we also provide services in other industry sectors.

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