MRC - Italy

MRC Italy was established in Milan in 2016 to offer support on the regulation of national and regional energy markets, economics of clean energy policies and projects, business strategy, financial analysis and transaction advisory services.

We have played a key role in the process of opening up energy markets in developing countries and in the auction of distribution assets which is currently taking place in Italy. Our team has also worked with the Italian Regional Authority to assess the strategy and outlook of the gas sector, interfacing all the technical and political actors involved in the decision on the future of the regional gas infrastructures.

We have recently been involved in the design and development of a Gas Regulatory Agency in Egypt where they developed the transmission network code, the design of the new gas market, the organisational structure of the gas regulator and the regulatory options available.

We have also supported stakeholders in the Western Balkans in the process of implementation of international commitments in the energy sector and to support institutional capacity development of the relevant Ministries.

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