SIGLA S.A. - Energy Industry Consultants & Advisors Argentina

SIGLA S.A. is a consulting firm specialising in energy-related studies and projects. They were founded in 1977, and provide services to several energy regulators, multilateral credit institutions, boutique investors and private and public companies within the Latin-American and Caribbean Region. SIGLA S.A. are headquartered in Buenos Aires City, and serve the rest of Latin America’s markets through its network of agencies and strategic alliances.

When it first started doing business, SIGLA S.A. was engaged in the planning and assessment of electricity systems in Argentina and expanded to the rest of Latin America during the 90’s. Nowadays, the most important activities of the company, which represent a significant portion of the company’s revenue, comes from three major service lines: T&D Engineering, Regulatory/Tariff Studies and Business Assessment. Moreover, the company works in all segments of the energy industry: electricity, renewable energy, gas, and water. SIGLA S.A. is run by a management team with a proven track record of working in the energy consulting markets and have successfully completed more than 300 projects since 1977.

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